How Can I Challenge My Friends?

  1. Go to your settings (By clicking the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the homepage).
  2. Click on Friends in the menu header.
  3. Either copy your unique identifier and share with your friend for them to add, or scan their QR code.
  4. Finally, click the Add button (Found to the right of their identifier)
  5. Then you’re away! Compete with one another in the multiplayer section and learn together!

Can Parents & Their Children Challenge Each Other?

  1. Yes! The parent will need a Zap Maths account themselves, either subscribe to a family subscription or use the free version of the app which includes the ability to Challenge Friends.
  2. Sync both accounts together (See ‘How Can I Challenge My Friends’ above).
  3. Visit the multiplayer section by clicking the navigation button on the app menu bar. 
  4. Choose the world that you wish to compete in and invite the friend / family member that you wish to play with by clicking ‘Create Quiz’.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

  1. If you subscribed through the app stores you need to follow the App Store or Play Store subscription cancellation process.
  2. If you subscribed directly through Zap Learning then send us an email to [email protected] and we will end your subscription. See EULA Subscription section for cancellation and refund policy.

How Do I See My Progression?

Here at Zap we believe that the ability to track your progress is an essential part of the learning process. Click ‘Your Stats’ shown on the homepage which shows all areas of the national curriculum that is taught/covered and your level of confidence in each specific topic area.

Does Zap Maths Offer Family Accounts?

Yes. When you subscribe you can select a family subscription option. This includes up to five accounts. Once you have subscribed you become the family accounts manager and can create accounts for your children to use as their login.

How Do I See My School Homework?

This feature is only accessible for those users who are registered to a school account. Once your teacher has created a learning path for you it will appear in the home learning section (Found via using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the application).

How Do I Know What Is Taught In Each World?

When playing through the world paths click the ‘i’ information helper to see an outline of what is taught in each world.

How Do I See My Multiplayer Leaderboard Score?

  1. This feature is shown in the world paths section of Zap Maths. When scrolling through the worlds you will see a Cup icon which when clicked shows the top 20 gamers of each world. (Available on school accounts).
  2. For greater detail, you can click on an individual path and see the top 20 Zappers!

Do We Sell Customer Details?

Unlike some competitors we will never sell customer details to third parties. For further details on our privacy policy, please click Privacy Policy.