Zap Maths School Quick Start

There are two options available to get your school zapping, you can sign up as a school to the web dashboard which provides you with admin access and a host of useful features or you can get students going straight away using the Quick Start program.  


Here at Zap Learning we understand that schools are incredibly busy right now so on-boarding a new app may involve more resources than you currently have available. We wanted to make it simple for schools to give their students access to Zap Maths covering the full UK primary maths curriculum helping to catch them up after the lockdown disruption

The Quick Start campaign makes it very easy to get your students zapping with two quick steps.

Step 1: request a Promocode

Step 2: email your parents the Promocode and subscription link 


Quick Start Promotion Benefits

  • Parents benefit from two months free single user or family package access to Zap Maths. Thereafter they can continue as paying subscribers or end the subscription, no tie-in and no obligation.
  • The app can be used on Apple or Android smartphones or tablets and Chromebooks.
  • Zap Learning will provide the school reports on how many students have downloaded the app and generalised data reflecting students progression through the subject areas.
  • In addition to the learning paths, tournaments and live quizzes with Quick Start teachers can direct students to cover specific topic areas from the full curriculum available in the app.

Your school can at any time elect to subscribe to Zap Maths as a school benefitting from:

  • Enhanced granular data reporting. No more marking as results are automatically recorded and data can be presented in a rich informative format. Track individual progression, class performance and much more.
  • The transfer of individuals progression achieved during the Quick Start to the students school account providing the school with valuable and detailed information.
  • Ability to easily set auto marked tailored Learning Paths by using the provided content or by creating your own.
  • Teachers are able to create their own learning games which can be used in the class or as homework in ‘single player’ or ‘group’ mode.
  • MTC quizzes are available to be triggered with a click of a button and can be tailored to your particular needs. Teachers are also able to adjust the time allocated to any questions they set.
  • Zap Maths school subscriptions are free until the end of 2020.